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Don’t be selfish

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
A man set out on along journey, taking his best horse and his donkey. He loaded onto the donkey's back everything he needed for the trip - sacks of food, pots and pans, and blankets to sleep on. The poor donkey could scarcely move. "Please help me carry this load," he whispered to the horse. "I don't think I can manage it all alone." But the horse was very proud and thought the donkey inferior. "My dear fellow," he replied. "You were made to be a beast of burden. The only thing I carry is my master." The donkey struggled on as best he could until one day he gave a little sigh and fell dead on the road. "Most unfortunate," said the man, turning to the horse. "Now you must carry the load. You'll have to carry the donkey's body as well until we find a place to bury it." Too late the horse was sorry for his selfishness.
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