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Denzil the dim-wit

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Denzil wasn't a very clever donkey. He was the kind who always had silly accidents because he wasn't thinking. "Look out," The other donkeys used to cry. "Here comes Denzil - everybody scatter before he knocks something over!" Over day, Denzil was crossing a big river with two heavy baskets of salt, one on each side of his back, when he missed his footing and fell into the deep water.

The salt began to melt, and the more he kicked, the lighter his load became until he managed to struggle onto his feet. "Hey, that's a really cool trick," thought Denzil!

The next load he had to carry across were two baskets full of his master's clothes. "Watch this everybody," said Denzil as they got to the middle of the river.

He stepped into the deepest bit of the water - and disappeared! Nobody told him that clothes get heavier in water. If the other donkeys hadn't stopped laughing long enough to drag him out he might have drowned!
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