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General Stories

Denzil the lion-heart

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Denzil the donkey was pottering about in the woods when he found a leopard skin. "Hee-haw," he brayed to himself. "I've got a cool idea. I'll wrap this leopard skin round myself and everyone will think I'm a real tough customer. Wicked!" So he did, and at first it worked like a treat. All the animals he met took one look at him and jumped into the bushes.

Then he saw Freddie the Fox. "Hee-haw," brayed Denzil.

"Watch yourself, man. Aren't you scared of a leopard?" Freddie sat down and laughed. "I would be, Denzil," he said, "but I' ve neve met a leopard before that brayed like a donkey."

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