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Even a bully has some pride

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
To tell you the truth, some lions are bullies. They are so strong they sometimes enjoy knocking other animals around. There was once a great lion that was dying of old age. In his life, he had injured many of the animals in the forest and now some of them came to take their revenge. The wild boar gave the old lion slashing cut with his great tusks.

Next came a buffalo that lowered his horns and dug them into the lion's body . Last of all came a donkey who had suffered much from the lion's cruelty.

With a loud cry of "hee-haw," he kicked the the lion's head with his back legs. "Now it is time for me to die," whispered the old lion. "I could bear it when the other big and strong animals took their revenge. But to be kicked by a cowardly donkey is an insult too great to bear."

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