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General Stories

Is what you are fighting for worth it?

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
One hot day, a lion and a wild boar arrived at a small spring together. There was only room for one at a time, and they argued so fiercely about who should drink first that they began to fight.

The lion slashed the boar with his sharp claws., and the boar tossed the lion with his great tasks. The more they fought the thirstier they became, but neither stopped to think how silly they were until they heard some vultures cackling in the sky above. They were waiting for one of them to kill the other so they could fly down and eat the loser.

What fools we are to be fighting like this," said the lion. "We'll only end up as food for villainous vultures and crows," said the boar. "Please drink first, you beautiful boar," said the lion. "No no. loveliest of lions, you drink first," insisted the boar. And they became the best of friends.

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