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General Stories

Gerald the goat gives a concert

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Have you ever heard a goat singing ? It's not a pretty sound, but it saved the life of Gerald. Although he wasn't the biggest goat in his herd, Gerald was the most quick-witted. One evening, he was - as usual- lagging behind the herd as it returned to the farm. He was fond of pushing his nose into this and that, and he was further behind than ever. Suddenly, there was a wolf , standing in front of him and looking very hungry. "oh. oh," thought Gerald. "Trouble ahead!"

So he said to the wolf : "I know you are going to eat me for supper, so I have a favour to ask. May I sing and dance one last time, please?" The wolf thought he could wait a little longer for supper. He played a flute so Gerald began to sing and dance.

He made a terrible racket, so bad the wolf put his paws over his ears and begged him to stop. better still, the farm dogs heard the noise and came rushing out, growling and barking, and the wolf fled empty- handed.

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