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How to See the Buso?

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Do you know about the Buso? Very few people are aware of these bloodthirsty creatures who live in the great branching trees and in the graveyard. They dig up the freshly buried corpses of dead humans with their claws, and devour their flesh as well as drink their blood. It is only the bones that they throw away for these are hard to eat.

It is very hard to see the Buso. If you dare to visit the graveyard at night, sometimes you may hear a great noise. It is the sound of all the Buso talking together as they sit around on the ground, with their children playing around them. If you are very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of one of them, even if it is only for a few minutes. In the darkness of the graveyard, he looks like a shadow.

But there was a time when the Busos were friendly with humans and everybody could see them. Back then, nobody died for the Busos knew much about medicines and natural cures and helped people to live on and on. But after a bitter quarrel with humans, they vanished from society and nobody can see them any more.

But there is one easy way to see the Buso. It is said that they can smell the scent of the wood of the coffins of dead persons. Long ago, a boy tried to trap a Buso when his uncle died. He cut a piece of wood from the coffin where his uncle was kept. Then he tied this chip to a long string and hung it from a tree, so that the piece touched the ground. After waiting for several hours, he could feel that the chip was being pulled at from under the ground. The boy at once drew up the string with the wood but the Buso had got wind of his intentions and escaped underground.

So if you want to see the Buso, you may use this way to catch a glimpse of him. But you need to be brave enough to try it.

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