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General Stories

It's best to know your strengths and weakness

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Father and son stag were lying together in a clearing in the forest. Suddenly, in the distance, they heard the sounds of dogs barking and hunters shouting. Son stag said, "Quick, it's time to run and hide until they have gone." Father stag laughed. "Why should we hide from dogs," he said. "We are bigger and stronger than they are. We can toss them aside with our great antlers. We should stand and fight." Son stag admire the bravery of his father, but he did not believe him. "Better to run and live to fight another day," he replied. So his father stayed, and as the dogs drew near he put down his antlers and charged. But there were too many dogs, and as fast as he tossed one aside, three more attacked him. At last, they dragged him down, and the hunters killed him.

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