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General Stories

King Log

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
The frogs in the lake had an easy life doing exactly what they wanted. But what pleased one frog annoyed another, and they could see things could be better. All frogs agreed they needed a strong leader to make the rules they should live by. So they sent a message to the king of all animals. "Very well," said the King, and threw a log into the lake, telling the frogs this was their new leader. At first the frogs were terrified of it.

When it splashed into the lake all dived to the bottom and hid in the mud. But after a while, when the log did nothing but float on the surface, they lost their fear. They hopped all over it and carried on as before. They sent another message to the king saying they needed a better one.

" Then you must learn your lesson ," said the king . This time he sent a water snake, who took one look at all the frogs and ate as many of them as it could catch.

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