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General Stories

Knowing which side the bread is buttered

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
By the time Denzil the donkey had grown into an old donkey, he was wiser than he had been when he was a young thing. Every day his master, the farmer , heaped heavy loads on his back, and he was glad when night fell.

Then he could enjoy his supper before a good night's sleep. One day, when he was staggering under a heavier load than usual, the farmer came racing up.

"Run for it, " he said. "There are soldiers coming over the hill. They are going to capture the farm." Denzil thought for a moment. "If they do," he asked , "do you think they'll make me carry heavier loads than this one?" The farmer didn't really know what Denzil was talking about, but he said : "I shouldn't think so. " Right ," answered Denzil. "Then I shall stay here. Things couldn't be any worse whoever was running the farm!"

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