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General Stories

Oh, for the simple life!

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Millie was a town- mouse who had a cousin called Cora in the country. Millie went to spend her holidays with her. Every day had barely for breakfast and tea, and corn for supper. They ate as much as they liked, and then went sleep snug and warm in the hay.

What boring food you have, Millie," said Cora. "Always the same things to eat. Come and stay with me and see all the good things we have in town." So Cora caught the mouse bus and went to town.

Millie showed Cora all the scrumptious food in her house - butter, bread and honey, peas, beans and fruit. "Let's have a feast," said Millie. But every time they began eating, something dreadful happened.

First, some humans came in and the mice fled in terror.

Next came a fierce dog and, worst of all, the cat chased them out of the house. "I'm exhausted," said Cora after a day, "I'm off home at once. We may not have exciting food but at least I can eat in peace!"

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