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Wonder how stars are born?

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Have you ever heard about the Bagobo men? An ancient tribe, the Bagobos are the dwellers of the west coast of Davao Gulf to the mountain ranges of Mt. Apo. They are famous for their ornate traditions in weaponry and other metal arts.

The old Bagobo men have many stories to tell about the early days of the world. One of their tales tell something interesting about the Sun and the Moon.

These people believe that the Sun is the husband of the Moon. Long long ago, they travelled together through the sky and it was a beautiful sight they created.

But one day, the Moon had a baby in her belly. She was overjoyed and told the Sun about it. However, the sun was not too happy. When the Moon asked the reason, he answered,

"What if it is a girl?"

The Moon said,

"So what if we have a girl?"

The Sun replied,

"A girl cannot be like me. If we have a girl, we will kill it, because I need a boy who will be as strong as me and who can keep my name intact."

The Moon was devastated. The Sun and the Moon had a quarrel about the Moon's baby.

A month later, the Sun went on a journey to another town. Three days after, the Moon gave birth to a baby; but it was a girl. The Moon was sad. She felt very sorry to think that her husband would kill her little child. To keep her child safe from the Sun, she hid it in a box.

When the Sun came back home in a few days, he saw that her belly was as before. He asked her for the baby.

"It was a girl." the Moon answered, "So I killed it yesterday".

The Sun knew that the Moon was not strong enough of mind to kill someone. He searched all over the house and at last found the baby in the box of clothes. He was very angry. He seized the baby and cut it into many pieces. Then he threw the pieces out of the window. These pieces of the baby's body became the stars.

The Sun and the Moon had a bitter quarrel and they went sperate ways. So while one shines during the day, the other appears at night.

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