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Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Percy the piglet liked sheep. So one day he escaped from the pigsty and skipped off to join them on the hillside. The sheep didn't mind, and for a while the shepherd didn't notice him. "This is the life," thought Percy happily. But one day the shepherd came to count the sheep and make sure none were missing. That's when he found Percy the piglet. "You 're an odd sort of sheep," he cried, and grabbed hold of him. Percy squealed so hard that the sheep looked up in surprise. "What a fuss you're making ," they said. "We don't carry on like that when the shepherd grabs us." It's all right for you," sobbed Percy. "He only wants your wool and your milk, but he wants to make pork chops out of me!" But the shepherd only sent him back to the pigsty.

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