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General Stories

The best fighters don't always win

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Freddie the Fox was walking through the woods when he heard the noise of a furious fight. He hid behind a tree trunk and carefully looked round it. A lion and a bear had found a baby deer, and they were fighting for his supper. Each was as strong as the other. The bear hit the lion with his heavy paws, and the lion scratched the bear with his sharp claws.

After a while, they both lay weak and exhausted on the ground, with the baby deer half dead between them. Quick as a flash, Freddie nipped out from behind his tree, grabbed the deer and vanished back into the woods. "Oh," gasped the bear and the lion as they got their breath back, "what fools we are. We've scratched and walloped each other until we're half dead, and all we've done is give a fox a free supper."

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