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General Stories

The cobweb that was stronger than a lion

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
There was once a little gnat who was very pleased with himself . He sat flexing his very pleased with himself. He sat flexing his muscles and telling the other gnats how strong he was . They laughed so much they had to hold their sides to stop it hurting. I'll show you!" buzzed the little gnat. "I'll make that great lion there beg me to stop fighting him."

At this the other gnats laughed louder than ever. So George flew onto the lion's face and began biting and scratching him all around his nose, where there was no fur for protection. The lion beat his face with his claws to try and stop it, but the more he scratched the worse it got. "Stop, little gnat," roared the lion so loudly that all the others could hear him. "I give up. Go away. Leave me in peace." The little gnat was tremendously pleased with himself. He buzzed away without looking where he was going, and flew straight into a spider's web. "You're not as strong as my web," said the spider, and gobbled him up in a mouthful.

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