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General Stories

The empty - headed wolf

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Fanny the farm dog was sleeping peacefully in the sun against the wall of barn. Suddenly, she heard a noise and opened one eye. There was a big wolf licking his lips and looking hungry.

"Oh dear" said Fanny to to herself. " I must think quickly!" I expect you want to eat me for dinner, Mr. Wolf," she said, "but look at me. I'm skinny and thin. Tonight, my master and his family are having a big feast with their friends. There'll be lots of left - overs for me. Come back this time tomorrow and I'll be nice and fat. " That's a good idea said the wolf. I enjoy a plump dog. I'll have a mouse for supper today, and leave plenty o f room for you tomorrow." And off he went.

Next day for wolf returned, with his mouth watering. He looked around for Fanny and spotted her fast asleep on the roof of the barn. "What are you doing up there?" he shouted. "Come down at once." "Oh no," called Fanny. There's only room down there for one fool.".

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