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The greedy lion goes hungry

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
A greedy lion was padding softly around looking for an animal for breakfast. It was a warm day and, to his surprise, he found a hare fast asleep in the sunshine. He was just opening his mouth wide when he caught sight of a beautiful red deer leaping gracefully through the tall grass. "I'll come back for the hare," thought the greedy lion, and raced after the deer. He chased and he chased, and he got hungrier and hungrier, but it was no use.

The deer was faster than he was. In the end he gave up and stood with his tongue hanging out and his empty tummy flapping against his backbone. "I'll have to make do with the hare as a snack," he said. "What a pity. I was looking forward to a big breakfast." But the hare was no food. The noise of the chase had woken him up and he scampered away laughing.

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