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General Stories

The gullible goat

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Freddie Fox once tumbled into a deep tank of water and couldn't get out. He might have drowned if a goat hadn't come along. Is the water good to drink?" he asked. "Wonderful! said Freddie. "Come on in."

The goat jumped in, and drank till the tank was empty. "Now to get out." said Freddie. "You stand up against the side of the tank, I will climb up your back and your horns and then pull you out." "Good idea," said the goat, and did as Freddie suggested. The cunning fox scrambled up, pulled himself out and strolled off whistling. "What about me?" squealed the goat.

"Well, " said Freddie, "you should have worked that out before you got in."

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