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General Stories

The proud stag who expected to be king

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
The lion, king of all the animals, was old and sick. He said to the wolf : " I need a good meal to get back my strength. Bring me the stag that lives in the forest so I can kill him." The crafty wolf went to the stag . He told him the lion was dying and had chosen him to be the next king because of his beauty. "Come with me ." said the wolf, "so you can be ready to put on the crown when he is dead. "The stag was so pleased with himself that he believed every world the wolf told him.

He followed him to the lion's den. "The king is very weak," said the wolf. "Bend down near his mouth so he can whisper in your ear all the things a new king needs we know." The stag did as the wolf told him, and immediately the lion pounced on him and killed him.

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