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The rabbits get tired of living

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
All the rabbits and hares in the wood had a big meeting. "What a life!" they all grumbled to each other. "All day long we're chased by dogs, hunted by men, dropped on by eagles, and eaten by foxes and wolves." The more they talked, the more miserable they became until at last one of them said : "What's the point of living just to become supper for another animal. Let's all go and drown ourselves!"

"Good idea," yelled some of them. "Let's get on with it," shouted the others, as they rushed towards the lake.

Round the water's edge the frogs and toads were happily croaking away to each other. When they saw the rabbits and hares changing towards them they leapt into the water with a big splash. "Extraordinary!" cried the rabbits, coming to a halt. "They are even more frightened than we are." "Perhaps we shouldn't drown ourselves after all." said some of them. "A very silly idea," said the others. "Who thought of it?" And they all went home feeling rather foolish.

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