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General Stories

The tortoise and the hare

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Every night, Horace the Hare cleaned his teeth and looked in the mirror thinking how fine he looked. So good-looking! So fast and quick! "You 're no use," he said to Thomas the Tortoise next morning as he slept in the sun. "It would take you all day to reach the top of that hill." "I'd get there before you if I really tried, said Thomas. Horace laughed loudly. "I ' d give you a week's supply of leaves if you can." "Right," said Thomas, and plodded off, very slowly.

Silly old tortoise," said Horace as he skipped past him, and slid under the stile. After a while, Horace stopped to nibble some grass. While he climbed the hill he kept stopping to admire the view. All the time, Thomas plodded slowly on. Horace couldn't see him anywhere as he got near the top, so he lay down for a little sleep. Then he woke up, and skipped on to the top - and who should be sitting there waiting for him but Thomas. I've never seen a tortoise grinning, but Thomas was!

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