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General Stories

The unimportant donkey

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
A rich merchant went on a journey with his two donkeys. On the first he loaded boxes full of money. On the second he loaded heavy sacks of corn. The first donkey was very proud of himself . All the way he kept talking about how important he was because he had been chosen to carry the money.

The second donkey knew perfectly well that it was only because he had been nearer the door at the time, but he said nothing. The first donkey kept on making such a noise that some robbers, hiding in a cave nearby, heard him. They rushed out with their swords and there was a terrific fight .

They cut all the boxes of money off the donkey's back and, in the process, gave him several nasty cuts. Now he felt very sorry for himself. The second donkey just looked at him. "I think I'm very lucky to be so unimportant, he said.

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