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General Stories

The very fat frog

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
"Hey, look at him," said Fergus the Frog to the others. "What a handsome fellow." The other frogs looked up. "Oh, that's Basil the Beaver," they said. He's just come to live in the lake." "But look how big and strong he is," said Fergus. "I'm going to grow up to look like him. Just you watch."

All day and all night Freddy sat by the lake eating insects, and getting fatter and fatter. "What do you think?" he asked at the of a week. "Am I as big and strong as Basil the Beaver yet?" " No," said the other frogs, "but you're a bigger chump." Fergus took no notice. He ate and and and got fatter and fatter until, one day, there was a loud Pop! - and he burst. "What a fool," said the other frogs. Basil the Beaver didn't even notice he'd disappeared.

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