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There's no stopping a hungry wolf

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
There was once a pretty little lamb that skipped happily around the fields. Unfortunately, nobody warned her that a big bad wolf that sees a pretty little lamb will gobbled her up, even if he's already had a good breakfast. The big bad wolf was drinking in the stream when he saw the the pretty little lamb further down the bank. "Ah-ha!" thought the wolf. "There's my lunch, but it's good manners to have a reason for eating her." He thought for a moment. "Oy," he shouted. "You're making my water muddy." "Baa!" laughed the little lamb. "Don't be silly. The water is flowing from you to me." "Bother," thought the wolf, who hadn't noticed that. "Hey," he shouted again. "You were rude to me last year." The little lamb quickly counted on her toes. "That's impossible. I wasn't alive last year," she said. Bah!" growled the wolf. "Well, I want to eat you anyway." so he did.

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