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Timmy gets a wet lesson

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
Timmy was mischievous little calf, always doing what he was told not to. Timmy the Terror his mum called him . "You must never go swimming in the mill stream, Timmy," she told him . "The water is much too dangerous there ."

So of course that's exactly what Timmy the Terror did the very next day. Just as his mum said, the water was fast and dangerous , and Timmy was soon in trouble. He might very well have drowned but, luckily for him, a wise cow came along the path by the stream . "Help, " spluttered Timmy , as he went under for the third time . The cow began giving Timmy a long lecture on how dangerous the stream was , and how foolish he was to swim in it . "Please , madam ," yelled Timmy as he went under for the fourth time , "rescue me now , and give me the lecture when I'm on dry land . If you don't it might be too late for me to hear it ."

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