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Useless gold

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
There was once a miser who became richer by the day. But the more money he got, the more he was afraid of it being stolen. So he melted down his money into a big brick of gold, and buried it at night where he thought no-one would find it. Still he could not sleep for fear of losing it, and every day he dug it up to make sure it was safe. His life became a misery. But someone had seen what he did, dug up the gold and ran off with it. When the miser came next day there was nothing but an empty hole. He sat down and wailed loudly. Freddy the fox passed by and asked him what was the matter. But when Freddy heard he said : "My friend, you should be laughing. When you had the gold you did not use it, so nothing is changed.

And whereas before you were miserable, now you have nothing to worry about."

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