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What an ass!

Monvenience - Transact in Convenience
One day a lion, who was feeling in a kindly mood. suggested to a donkey that they go hunting together, and found a care in the mountain-side where a lot of wild goats lived.

I'll wait outside," said the lion, "while you go in and drive them out. Then I'll kill as many as I can and we can have a big feast." The donkey went in and barged around, kicking out his back legs and yelling "hee-haw" at the top of his voice. The goats rushed out and the lion, true to his word, killed many of them. "Didn't I do well," said the donkey, as they enjoyed the big feast afterwards. "Oh yes," laughed the lion. "if I didn't know what an ass you are I might have been frightened myself!"

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