The best way to create an impression on our friends, business partners or just an acquaintance from a foreign place is to know the right term to greet them in their own language. Kidsgen is happy to bring to you the interesting section on greetings in various language to encourage you to learn how to make your friends feel special and simply proud of you.
Good Morning
Good Morning In Many Languages
Morning is the best time to greet someone,'cause in the remaining hours the sun will be busy.So let me just wish you 'bonzour','labril','bari luys'! In case you are wondering what they all mean, just click on the link to explore a world of 'Good Morning' greetings in various languages.
Good Evening
Good Evening In Many Languages
Its a great idea to greet our foreign friends in their own language to make them feel ever so special. Get yourself versed with the term 'Good Evening' in various languages.For a starter,'Erev tov' is good evening in Hebrew.Click on the link to know more...
Hello Kitty
Hello In Many Languages
Did you know 'Aloha', 'konnichi wa' or 'Guten tag' are all terms of hello in Hawaiian,Japanese and German respectively.Read on to empower your knowledge on various foreign terms to say 'hello',and see your friend circle grow in members and globally too!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday In Many Languages
'Tillykke med fodselsdagen'.You just wished Happy Birthday in Danish. Find how to wish happy birthday in Danish, Hindi, Chinese, and many other from our 'Wish Happy Birthday In Many Language' section.
Message of faith
Messages of Faith
A collection of quotations on faith, courage and encouragement. You can read them for your own benefit, or send them to your friends.

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