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Q. Fauja Singh, the grand-father of Shamsher Singh had captured four spies of Hitler’s Nazy army. It was after some years that he was rewarded for this act of bravery with Rs. 5000 in cash and a special medal.

At the time of the receipt of the reward, Fauja Singh’s age plus the age of his son Jarnail Singh, was half the age of Shamsher Singh plus the age of Fauja Singh, as would be on 30 March 1972.

Ten years thereafter, i.e. in the year 1982, Shamsher Singh’s age was ¼ of his grandfather’s age, while his father Jarnail Singh’s age was 8 years less than three times of Shamsher Singh’s age.

Can you tell what was the ages of all the three in 1983?


A. Fauja Singh is 65 years old, Jarnail Singh is 41 and Shamsher Singh is 17 years old.

There can be many possibilities in solving this equation. But, the reference to Hitler establishes the fact that Fauja Singh lived and fought during the Second World War. He received the medal in 1945, which is the base of the above calculation.

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