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MUSICAL CHAIR (Brain Teaser)

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Musical Chair

Q. Last year, movies with titles Asha, Parvana, Sansar and Hamare Liye were screened in the same order as given above. The four heroes were Prem, Rakesh, Virendra, and Satish. The heroines were Yogita, Rama, Radha, and Lata. The films were directed by Chopra, Tandon, Rai, and Sen. The music directors were Khan Sahib, Jwala Bhai, Moni rai and Soni-Toni.

On the basis of details given below find out the film, its hero-heroine, director and musician. (In other words, you have to find the hero-heroine, director-musician team of each film.)

  1. Moni Rai gave music to the film with Satish as the hero. Rama was not in the movie.
  2. As usual, Prem worked under the direction of Rai. This time Yogita was not with him.
  3. Khan Sahib gave music to Parvana.
  4. The Virendra-Radha hit movie was released before the movie directed by Sen; and after the one in which Lata and acted.
  5. Musician Jwala Bhai worked with director Tandon. Chopra had discarded Lata from his films since the last two years.
  6. In the film Asha in which Rakesh was the hero, the music for famous love duet which proved to be a super hit was scored by Soni-Toni. Yogita was not in this song.


Asha Rakesh Rama Chopra Soni-Toni
Parvana Prem Lata Rai Khan Sahib
Sansar Veerendra Radha Tandon Jwala Bhai
Hamare Liye Satish Yogita Sen Moni-Rai