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Q. The whole world condemned the war-mongering country when it attacked our peace loving one. Since mere condemnation was not sufficient for the aggressor to withdraw, some kid of counterattack was necessary for self-defence.

The Air Force, therefore, went into action and under ‘Operation Dhwansas’ bombed the strategic places of the enemy including the capital, from their secret air-bases.

The following Air Force officers took part in this operation under Commander Balwant Singh: Ahmad Khan, E D’ Souza, Raghuveer Pratap Singh, S. Subramaniam and Shrikant. These offices were: one Squadron Leader, one Wing Commander, two Flying Officers and two Pilot officers.

The bombers used for these attacks included, Ajit, Canberra, Gnat, MIG-21 and Hunter. One officer used a helicopter the name of which was the same as of Maharana Pratap’s horse.

These fighters deceived the four Sabre-jets and six Star fighters of the enemy, dodged their air-aircraft guns, reached the targets in question and returned after bombing them.

While these bombers were returning, twelve highly sophisticated fighters of the enemy tried to surround them. But they were not successful. On the other hand two of the enemy war planes were destroyed by our expert bombers. Not only this, they also damaged another two of the enemy’s planes. One of our bombers was slightly damaged but all the bombers returned to their bases safely.

The first flight of this operation was started by Balwant Singh exactly at 8 a.m. One minute later the Gnat went into air, Ahmad Khan took-off at 8:02. It was this plane that had been damaged slightly during the return flight. Shrikant who started first.

E. D’ Souza was not a flying officer but he was superior in rank to Khan. He started his bomber at 8:10.

The Hunter was manned by a flying officer and he took off one minute earlier than Ajit. The last flight took-off at 8:20. Ajit and the helicopter were piloted by the pilot officers.

This was the account of the attack on the war-mongering country.

From the information supplied above and your knowledge of the Air Force, would you tell us: Name of the pilot and his rank, and the plane which he piloted? Also tell the timing of the flight.


Name Rank Name of the plane Time of flight
Balwant Singh Wg.Comdr. MIG-21 (fighter) 8.00
E.D’ Souza Sq. Ldr. Canbera (bomber) 8.10
Ahmad Khan Flg. Officer Hunter (fighter) 8.02
Raghuveer P. Singh Flg. Officer Gnat (fighter) 8.01
Shrikant Pilot Officer Ajit (fighter) 8.03
S. Subramaniam Pilot Officer Chetak (H.Copter) 8.20