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TAKING FOR A RIDE (Brain Teaser)

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Taking For A Ride

Q. Abhinab was proud of his scooter so was Saurabh of his motor-cycle.

The number of Abhinav’s scooter was a complete square of three digits. The peculiarity of this number was that if the first number of the scooter was placed at the last place it formed a full square formed the exact number of Saurabh’s motor cycle.

Can you tell the numbers of the scooter, the motor-cycle and their father’s car?

It may seem to be very tricky problem well; we could tell you further clues to enable you to solve it. It is like this: If the number of the motor-cycle are added together you will obtain a figure of their father’s car.


Scooter number of Abhinav – 196;
Saurabh’s Motor Cycle No. 961;
Their father’s Car No. 1157.


  1. Square of numbers from 10 to 31 is in three digits.
  2. Only numbers 100, 144, 196, 400 and 900 are such that if their first digits are written at the end, they make a complete square.