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WHAT IS IN A NAME! (Brain Teaser)

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What Is In A Name!

Q. While Chandrawati was busy chatting in the house of her neighbor Saraswati, with latter’s mother Sharbati, with latter’s mother Sharbati Devi, Savita, daughter of Saraswati, entered with her son.

Chandrawati asked Savita the name of her son. Savita replied, “Aunty, he is Ranjan.” How old is he? Asked Chandrawati. Saraswati replied, “His age represents one of the digits of our Savita’s age”. She further clarified, “Savita’s age would exactly be same if the figures of the age of my grand-mother are changed from tens to unit and from unit to tens. Now, it is up to you to guess it?”

Chandrawati again asked, “But what is your grand-mother’s age?” Saraswati replied, “The total of my grand-mother’s age and Savita’s age is equal to the total of my mother’s age and mine. Also, the figures of our ages are the same. Last year our individual ages could evenly be divided by 2. But this year our ages cannot be divided by 5. Is that clear?” “Oh, Saraswati, I wanted to know Ranjan’s age and you have put a riddle before me”! quipped Chandrawati.

“Well, that is your headache. I have told you what I should have.”

Now, friends, would not you like to help Chandrawati? So, just tell the age of each them. If it is not possible for you, just tell the total of their ages.

A. The total age of all 5 = 221years.


  1. Sharbati Devi – 91 years, Shanti Devi – 73 years, Saraswati Devi – 37 years, Savita – 19 years and Ranjan – 1 year.
  2. Last digits of ages during last year are formed from 0, 2, 4,   6, 8. This year their age is one of the following figures 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. As there is figure 5, there is figure 4 for last year.