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YOUTH CLUBS (Brain Teaser)

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Youth Clubs

Q. The representatives of state youth club Delhi had a meeting opposite Rajghat. To participate in this meeting other clubs, namely Dhairyashali Youth Club, Imagination Club, Vikassheel Youth Club, Aap Aur Hum and Kalpanasheel Youth Club had also come. Their representatives had come from Karol Bagh, Tilak Nagar, Rama Krishna Puram, Rohtas Nagar and Sarojini Nagar. Their names were Imran Khan, Kailash Thakur, Jacob Smith, Ramesh Nagarath and Satwant Singh. They were accompanied by Asha Ghosh, Geeta Singh, Mrinalini, Rama Arora and Sulabha Karkare.

Asha did not accompany Ramesh Nagarath of Dhairyashali Club. She was a representative of a Karol Bagh club.

Aap aur Hum Club was not in Ramakrishna Puram. Its representative Satwant Singh participated in the meeting. Kalpanasheel Youth Club belonged to the Sarojini Nagar’s youths.

Jacob was the representative of the Vikassheel Youth Club while Geeta was from some club of Tilak Nagar. Imran and Rama belonged to the same club.

One important feature was that the first letters occurring in the names of male and female youths coming from the same place had no similarity with the first letters occurring in the names of clubs and places.

From the above can you tell which male and female youth represented which club and to which place the club belonged?


Name of the Club Place Boy Girl
Dhairyashali Tilak Nagar Ramesh Nagarath Geeta Singh
Imagination Ramkrishnapuram Kailash Thakur Sulabha Karkare
Vikassheel Karol Bagh Jacob Smith Asha Ghosh
Aap Aur Hum Rohtas Nagar Satwant Singh Mrinalini
Kalpnasheel Sarojini Nagar Imran Khan Rama Arora