Easter Activities for Kids

Easter for Kids

Welcome to Holy Easter celebration page, a time for fun and sumptuousness. The first Sunday after the spring equinox on March 21st, is celebrated as Easter Sunday. Good Friday is the day of Resurrection of Jesus. We have loads of Easter fun for kids or children at KidsGen. For example, check out the treasure hunt plan, the egg hunt, quiz, jokes, poems and quotations. You can also write a personalized letter coming straight from the Easter bunny, to your friend or near ones, and also print out some pictures to color and decorate. Check out the personalized gifts for Easter, the greetings, and the history and traditions. We also have a special section explaining the different symbols associated with this Christian festival. So just scroll on, and check them out. And, remember to wish everyone, in your networks like whatsapp, facebook, messenger, and more....

Cute Bunny wishing Happy Easter

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