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Braided Bracelets

Making of a Braided Bracelet

Braided Bracelets

You need:

1) 3 colors of the hair wrap yarn or colored yarn 
2) Tape
3) Beads - optional

  1. Make sure you have enough yarn for your arm to slip on and off the bracelet and make sure you have yarn at the top before the knot. Tie a knot at the top of the yarn to hold the strands together.
  2. You can hold the strings in your mouth while you braid or tape the beginning of the bracelet to a table to hold it still while you braid.
  3. Braid the string and when you are almost at the end tie the two ends together.
  4. Experiment. What would it look like if you added 3 beads?

Note: Make sure you take your parents' help while creating the crafts and that applies for all the crafts that are given in this section.

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