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Sponge Painted Trinket Box

Making of a Sponge Painted Trinket Box

Sponge Painted Trinket Box

You need:
1) Small wooden box (this one had a bow form on the lid, but a plain box is fine) 
2) Sand paper
3) Blue and gold acrylic paints
4) Small piece of sea sponge, rag, or dry brushsmall amount of masking tape
5) Felt (any color, to use as a lining - I used red)


Rub off any imperfections on the box with the sand-paper. Paint the box blue inside and out and then let it dry thoroughly. To sponge on the gold highlighting, you can use a variety of materials. A small piece of damp sea sponge works well, but you can also use a small piece of damp rag or even a dry paint brush. Apply the gold all over the box, but apply it sparingly to get that antique effect. Use a "pouncing" technique, dabbing the sponge, rag or brush lightly straight down on the box surface, lifting it off quickly and repeating in another area. If you don't like the effect in a certain spot, use a clean damp rag to wipe it off and try again. Let the paint dry. Glue the felt to inside of the box. You can do just the bottom or do the sides too. And your expensive-looking trinket box is ready.