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Crafts Videos for 4th of July

Do you love to see your loved ones smile? If yes, then probably the best way is to offer him/her a gift which has your very own touch. These finicky craft videos would not only exhibit your love towards your near and dear ones but also kindle your emotions for the American Independence Day.
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Videos on American Independence Day

Video 1: Uncle Sam hat

A beloved art teacher would guide all the kids to make an “Uncle Sam Hat”.

Video 2: Flag Art Idea for July 4th

Boost your creative spirit with a flag making art idea on this American Independence Day.

Video 3: 4th of july T-shirt kids craft

With your personal touch and love, make this t-shirt for kids for the American Independence Day.

Video 4: July 4th craft basket

Be innovative while creating this red, white, blue basket for the looming 4th of July.

Video 5: Fourth of July Twirlers

With a hassle-free craft, exhibit your patriotism gracefully. Check out this video.

Video 6: Fireworks Shirt

Add a patriotic flair to the celebration of 4th of July. Do it on a t-shirt, with fireworks drawn all over it.

Video 7: July 4th Bracelet

Make a fashionable wristband to flaunt your patriotic spirit.

Video 8: Mini candy bar wrapper with Dawn

Make a crafty mini candy bar wrapper with dawn for 4th of July.