Friendship Day

Activities for Friendship Day

Friendship day should be full of events and activities. Since it is the day which is dedicated to friends and friendship, the day ought to be filled with activities and entertainments. Check out the collection of activities which you can surely apply to make you day even more eventful one. For instance you can prefer taking a walk with your friend or can simply arrange for a memorable photo-shoot. Choose your pick and see which one suits you and friend best and thus spend the day accordingly. You can also send this page to your friends so that they can as well arrange for an eventful friendship day and make this day a memorable one.
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There is so much to do when you have friends around. Spending an entire day with can be very enjoyable. Plan ahead about the activities you will indulge in and get ready for an entertaining day. Here are some things you can do with your friends to have fun.

1. Go for a walk - Find a suitable place and go for a walk and also have some fun stopping by some fun place to visit on the way. While walking you can play engage yourself in I-spy, hide and seek or chase.

2. Walk your pets - Walk your pet(s), even if it is a rabbit. Strap a leash onto your pet and find a nice and route to walk along

3. Makeovers - Using a set of make-up and a few hair pins and curlers you have a lot of fun. Go ahead and do each other's make-up and style one another’s hair.

4. Makeovers in the dark - Turn off the lights and draw on each other’s faces with make-up. Be sure to do it with your eyes closed so that nothing gets in your eyes.

5. Water Fight - Grab a water gun and wear some old clothes and go outside to spray each other with the guns. Using buckets is also a good idea.

6. Photo shoot - Do a photo shoot then upload the pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Do makeovers and then taking photos is also a good idea

7. The candy shop - Visit the local sweet or candy shop. Purchase some sweets then go home and munch on them.

8. Swimming - Go swimming at some local pools Fun things you could do are play with pool toys and dive. You could even play a miniature water polo.

9. Bowling - Visit a bowling alley and compete with your friends noting how many times you knock down the skittles.

10. Movie - Watch a movie that you and your friends are interested in. Grab some popcorn and prepare for entertainment.

11. Shopping - Didn't you mention you needed one of those? Why not go shopping? Get some money and go to a shopping mall and shop till you drop.

12. Haircut - Ready for a trim yet? Get a smart and neat haircut. Or stay in the trend.

13. Spa - Are those nails looking dirty? Why not visit a local spa and get a manicure. You could even get a facial and a complete makeover. Add in a relaxing massage and you have a recipe or total relaxation and fun.

14. Truth or dare - Swap turns and decide which of the two you want each time, truth or dare. If it’s a dare, perform it sportingly. If it’s a truth, be honest.

15. Confessions - Talk about your crushes. Someone you love? Someone likes you? Be truthful and share. Talk about all the things which make you blush until you are eventually able to laugh it off.

16. School - Talk about school. Fathom about what you did and what is happening.

17. Reminisce - Go through old photos. Ponder upon what has happened in the past and explain to your friends what is happening in each picture.

18. Create a scrapbook - Click pictures of each other or find some old ones. Then stick them in a scrapbook.

19. Gaming - Play a gaming console with two or more players. You could try a game that supports multiplayer or play anything you want, casually or as a competition.

20. Riding your bike -. Go out for a cycle around a nearby park.

21. Text - Texting each other is always fun. For added entertainment text people whom you are in the room with. Talk about random things or pull pranks.

22. Talking - If you are out of topics to talk about, select one object at a time and have talk about it. Try and talk about something with each and every letter of the alphabet or talk about everyone or everything in the room

23. TV - Watch an entertaining TV program or a nature program or anything that interests you and your friends. When you can’t decide what to watch, why not flip a coin?

24. Playtime - Play any game you can think of. This includes indoor games like chess or snakes and ladders. Or perhaps outdoor games like catch the ball.

25. Music - Listen to some music and just sit and talk while you listening.

26. Reading - Read books like car or fashion guides. Flip through the pages and read about what is In-Style. You could even read story books and or read the same story book with your friends and see who finishes a chapter first.

27. Dressing up - Dress up in your favorite TV character’s attire. Enact them and over-act using overt drama skills.

28. Show-off - Show your clothes to each other. Shuffle through your clothes, show the best clothes you own.

29. Sleepover - Plan a sleepover at a friend’s place and do all of the things you wouldn’t normally do. Go crazy.

30. Cook - Look up a recipe and prepare any delicious dish you can manage. Make cakes or biscuits and have a mini tea-party.

31. Beach - Visit the beach. Grab a chair, swimming costume, bucket, spade, and towels so that you can swim. Be sure to make sandcastles.

32. Theme Park - Go to a nearby theme park. Ride roller-coasters and tour the shops. Buy some candy-floss or try some small time rides.

33. Project work - Work on a project. Plan on something you and your friends can do together and do a little bit of it every time you meet up.

34. Gallery - Visit an art gallery. Admire the art if you are artistic. If not, walk around wondering what the artist would have been thinking while painting such paintings.

35. Museum - Look around a museum. Be curious. Discuss the stuff you see and it will open conversations before you even realize.