Teacher's Day Around the World

Teachers are the people whom we all love, respect and look up to. Teacher's Day is the occassion to honor them and appreciate the efforts they make for our betterment. Every year, Teacher's Day is celebrated around the world on different days. Know how Teacher's Day is celebrated in different countries. If you like our article on Teacher's Day Around the World, don't forget to click here and pass on this page to everyone you know. Spread the spirit of Teacher's Day to as many people as you can. Happy Teacher's Day!
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Read about Teachers Day celebrations in different countries across the world.

United States (May 6, 2014)

In the United States, Teacher's Day is celebrated on May 6 and is popularly known as "National Teacher's Day". It is observed during Teacher Appreciation Week, which is observed for the full first week of May. It was about 1944 when Ryan Krug, a teacher of Wisconsin, began corresponding with political and education leaders about the need for a national day to honor teachers. His efforts bore fruit much later, when the US Congress declared March 7, 1980, as National Teacher Day for that year only. But the National Education Association and its affiliates continued to observe Teacher Day on the first Tuesday in March until 1985, when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first full week of May. It was then that the NEA Representative Assembly decided through a vote that the Tuesday of every Teacher Appreciation Week was to be celebrated from then on as National Teacher Day. The tradition continues, though Massachusetts observes the first Sunday of June as its own Teachers’ Day, annually. The day is generally celebrated by the students of the United States who show appreciation for their teachers with flowers, greeting cards and other token gifts.

China (September 10)

In China, Teachers' Day is celebrated annually on September 10. The tradition of observing Teachers' Day began in China in 1931 when the National Central University first celebrated the day. It was so highly appreciated that the very next year it was adopted by the central government of Republic of China. In 1939, the day was set on August 27, Confucius' birthday. Though the day stopped to be observed later, it was re-established in 1985, and then it was decided that the day was to be celebrated on September 10. However, these days more and more people are trying to celebrate Teachers' Day on August 27, as it was done earlier. The day is celebrated in almost all schools in the country where the students to show their appreciation to the teachers, such as presenting the gifts including cards and flowers.

Malaysia (May 16)

In Malaysia, Teacher's Day is popularly known as "Hari Guru" and observed every year on May 16th. The day is not an official school holiday but a working day in the country. In May 1956, the Education Committee sent several a document, known as the "Razak Report", to the Federal Legislative Council suggesting a Teacher's Day to be observed in the country. And it was because of this document that "Teacher's Day" was set on May 16th and celebrated ever since. The celebrations are usually held on May 16, or earlier, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. The occassion is observed mainly in the schools and colleges with students giving greeting cards, flowers, books and other tokens of appreciation to their teachers.

India (September 5)

In India, Teachers' Day is better known as "Shikshak Divas" and is celebrated on September 5 every year. The occassion is dedicated in honor of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India who was born on the same date in 1888. It is considered a "celebration" day and observed in almost every school in India, with teachers and students reporting to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance. Traditional songs are sung, poems are recited and dramatic performances are held by both junior and senior students. Even many ex-students pay their respects to the former teachers by visiting them and handing a rose. At some schools on this day, the senior students take up the responsibility of teaching as an appreciation for teachers.

Vietnam (November 20)

Teacher's Day is celebrated in Vietnam on November 20 and is better known as "Vietnamese Educators' Day". The holiday originated when a meeting was held between educators in Warsaw in 1957 and a decision was made to celebrate a day in honour of teachers. It was first celebrated in 1958 as the Day of the International Manifest of Educators. In 1982 the day was renamed "Vietnamese Educators' Day". Today, the holiday provides an opportunity to students to pay a respect to their teachers. Students begin preparing a week in advance, and many classes usually prepare literature and art to welcome teacher’s day, while other student prepare foods and arrange for flowers for the Teacher's Day parties held at their schools. Senior students usually visit their teachers at their homes to offer flowers and small gifts, or organize trips with their teachers and classmates. Former students also pay respect to their former teachers on this day.

Rest of the Countries
(Oct 5)
(March 7)
(February 28)
(September 11)
(October 5)
(Last Friday in October)
(October 5)
(October 4)
(First Sunday of October)
(May 2)
(June 6)
(October 15)
(October 5)
(October 5)
(October 5)
(October 16)
(May 15)
Costa Rica
(November 22)
Czech Republic
(March 28)
(April 13)
(February 28)
(October 5)
(January 30)
(First Sunday of June)
(November 25)
(May 2)
(May 6)
(February 28)
(March 9)
(February 28)
(May 16)
(October 5)
(May 15)
(February 28)
(October 5)
New Zealand
(October 29)
(February 28)
(October 5)
(December 1)
(April 30)
(July 6)
(October 5)
(October 14)
(October 5)
(First Friday of September)
Sri Lanka
(October 6)
(January 29)
(September 28)
(January 16)
(February 28)
(November 24)
(The first Sunday of October)
United Kingdom
(October 5)
(October 1)
(January 15)
(February 28)

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