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Happy Teacher's Day Celebration

Teacher's Day Crafts

Teacher´s Day is the day on which we honour our teachers and recognize the lasting contributions that they make to our lives. It is the occassion to pay them a tribute with greeting cards, gifts and homemade crafts. With Teacher's Day coming up one more time, it's the perfect time for all you little ones to make some wonderful crafts and celebrate the occassion. Given below are some cool tips for you to make some fabulous Teacher's Day Crafts. If you like the craft ideas, use them to make fantastic crafts as gifts for your teachers on this Teacher's Day. If you want to share these Teacher's Day craft ideas with your pals, just click here and send this page to them. Have fun and have a Happy Teacher's Day!
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Craft Ideas for Teacher's Day

Make wonderful crafts for your teachers on this Teacher's Day with these fun craft ideas:

Greetings Card

Make a homemade greetings card for your teacher.

What you need:
1) White Card
2) Paper
3) Scissors
4) Glue
5) Coloured Paper

What to do:
1) Fold a white card from the middle. Draw flowers of various shapes and sizes on the upper surface. Or you can also cut out the picture of any beautiful flower/scenery and glue it onto the top surface of your card. But we would advice you to draw some small flower shapes on the coloured paper you have, cut them out and paste on your card.

2) Draw and decorate the inside of the card with whatever message or picture you like.

Bookmark Gift Tag

Present a handmade bookmark gift tag to your teacher on Teacher's Day.

What you need:
1) Card Stock ( 8- by 2 1/2-inch piece ) of two colours (preferably white and pink)
2) Craft knife
3) Glue
4) Pencil
5) Colored markers
6) Con-Tact paper
7) Ribbon

What to do:
1) Draw a simple shape, such as a fish, a flower or a curvy earthworm on card stock of pink colour.

2) Using the craft knife, cut out the shape you have drawn and discard it. Then glue the card stock onto a slightly bigger piece of card stock of white color.

3) Color the design with markers and print the name of your teacher whom you are going to give the gift.

4) Make a hole in one end of the tag and tie a loop of ribbon through it to form a tassel and to tie it to its package. Your bookmark would be ready for use.

5) Laminate the tags with Con-Tact paper to make them last for long.

Paper Bouquet

These paper flowers are beautiful, quick to make, and unlike the real things, guaranteed to last a long time.

What you need:
1) Tissue paper
2) Scissors
3) Crayons
4) Pipe cleaners

What to do:
1) Cut eight square shapes (dimensions 3 1/2-inch X 3 1/2-inch) out of the tissue paper.

2) Using the side of a crayon, color along two opposite edges of each square.

3) Place a square shaped piece on a flat surface with the uncolored edges at the top and bottom. Starting at the top, fold the square as one folds a paper fan. The pleats should be about half an inch in width. Fold all the other square shapes using the same method.

4) Bend a pipe cleaner 1 1/2 inches from one of its ends to form a hook. This will be the stem of your flower. Without unfolding the pleated squares, stack them. Place the stack inside the hook and twist the hook end around the stem. To open up the flower to full bloom, twist the petals a half turn near the stem.

Pen/Pencil Holder

Read on to know about a Teacher's Day craft for kids, a Pen/Pencil Holder.

What you need:
Strips of newspaper
3-4 sheets of white computer paper
Red paint
Green felt paper/construction paper

What to do:
1) Take the newspaper strips and immerse them fully in a medium sized container with 3/4 parts glue & 1/4 parts water. Rub them together to prepare a paper mache paste.

2) Blow up the balloon until it is about 4-5 inch in diameter. Tie its end with a string to avoid the air to escape from its inside.

3) Cover with 2 to 4 layers of newspaper paper mache and loosely cover the area with 2 to 4 layers of white computer paper. Don’t cover the tied part (this will be the hole for the pens/pencils). Let the paper mache dry for about a day.

4) Pop the balloon with a sharp pin. Pull out the balloon bits if you can.

5) With a scissor, gently cut the bottom of the holder without crushing it. This will make the bottom part of the holdre a flat surface and allow it to stand by itself.

6) Paint the holder red and let it dry. Cut two simple leaf shapes from green felt or construction paper and glue to the top.

Tip: If required, take a fairly damp cloth and widen the hole to the desired size. The damp cloth will soften the mache so that you can work with it.