Thanksgiving Screensavers

Hey Kids, here is something that everyone will like, kids or adults. Download one of these free Thanksgiving screensavers, install them, and see your desktop come live with musical, animated screensavers to the theme of the festival. You can uninstall them at your wish, and there are no spywares with these. So go ahead, and start downloading.


  • To activate and install, just double click the file you download.

  • To de-activate, just right click on desktop, select properties-->screensavers,
    and deselect the active screensaver. (Father's Day, for example)

  • To permanently uninstall the screensavers, check uninstall option from your start menu screensaver option, or visit control panel, and then visit add remove programs option.
Thanksgiving Screensaver-1
Celebrate the festival of Thanksgiving with this cool cornocupia screensaver made specially to mark the occasion

Thanksgiving Screensaver-3
Jive up the spirit of homecoming with this spectacular Thanksgiving screensaver and let the celebration come alive.
Thanksgiving Screensaver-2
Spice up your desktop with this turkey screensaver, specially made to celebrate the occasion

Thanksgiving Screensaver-4
Decorate your desktop with this wonderfully made thanksgiving maple leaves screensaver made just to celebrate the occasion.

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