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Indian Mythological Stories

Rama Kills Shambuk

One day, an old Brahmin walked into Rama's court with the deadbody of his son. He was crying and started blaming Rama for the death of his five-year-old son. The Brahmin said that he had Rama sets out to kill Shambhuknever committed a sin in his life and couldn't understand why his son had died at such an early age. He was convinced that his son must have died as a result of some sins committed by Rama.

Rama was very sad and summoned Sage Vashistha. The sage told him that a man called Shambuk, an untouchable, was doing a very powerful tapasya, which he was not permitted to do. If he was punished, the little boy would come back to life. Rama immediately left in search of Shambuk.

Finally, Rama found Shambuk praying near a river in the forest. When Shambuk revealed his identity, Rama took out his sword and cut Shambuk's head off and the little boy became alive again.