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Indian Mythological Stories

The Imperial Yajna

Once Narada visited Yudhisthira and said, "Your father, Pandu, who is in heaven, wants you to perform the imperial yajna after which you will become samrata (emperor)." Yudhisthira asked Sage Yudisthir performing imperial yajnaVyasa to guide him. Vyasa sent the rest of the Pandavas in different direction to conquer the kingdoms that were ruled by the Pandavas' enemies. They came back after bravely defeating their enemies and brought a lot of wealth that could be used for the yajna. Yudhisthira invited many guests including sages and kings. Krishna also graced the occasion with his presence. Sage Dhaumya was made the royal priest for the Yajna. Yudhisthira performed all the rituals. Offerings were made to the gods. Brahmins were given gifts and the yajna was completed successfully. All the elders blessed Yudhisthira and he became the samrata.