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Indian Mythological Stories

Yudhisthira Gets Boons

Yudhisthira had answered all the questions of Yama and saved his brothers. Yama was very happy with him and promised him two boons. Yudhisthira said, "We had come here to get the igniting sticks of a Brahmin that were stuck in a stag 's horn. As my first wish please help me get those sticks." Yama replied, "That stag was no one but me in disguise. This whole incident was just to test you." Saying so. Yama returned the two sticks. Then Yudhisthira said , "We have to spend the thirteenth year of our exile in hiding. As my second boon , please grant us that we are not found out while we are in hiding." Yama granted him the boon and instructed. "All of you should go to Viratnagar. Nobody will be able to trace you there."

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