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Moral stories

The Jackal and the Drum

The Jackel and the drum

With pleasure! In the heart of a sun-drenched savanna, where tall grasses whispered secrets to the wind, lived a cunning jackal named Jiko. One scorching afternoon, his ever-growling stomach led him to a clearing. There, beneath a sprawling baobab tree, lay a curious object - a large, taut drum.

Intrigued, Jiko nudged the drum with his snout. A deep, booming thrum vibrated through the stillness, making him jump back in surprise. "Hmm," he thought, sniffing the drum cautiously, "something is definitely inside!" Driven by his insatiable hunger, Jiko hatched a plan. He pictured a plump, unsuspecting creature trapped within, just waiting to be his next meal.

With a mischievous glint in his eye, Jiko began to batter the drum, his sharp claws tearing at the tightly stretched hide. Each blow echoed through the savanna, a cacophony of anticipation and fear. But as the hide finally gave way, Jiko's ears twitched at the sight before him. Inside, instead of a juicy meal, lay nothing but... silence.

Disappointment gnawed at Jiko's belly, but it was swiftly overtaken by confusion. "How strange," he muttered, scratching his head with a hind paw. Just then, a gentle breeze swirled around the drum, carrying the whisper of the baobab tree. "Little one," the tree's voice rustled through the leaves, "sometimes, the greatest treasures are not what you seek, but what you create."

Jiko stared at the drum, the words of the baobab echoing in his heart. He realized his hunger had clouded his judgment, turning him into a selfish hunter instead of a resourceful survivor. Taking a deep breath, he began to beat the drum, this time not with the fury of desperation, but with the rhythm of his own heart.

As the baobab's leaves danced to the beat, Jiko felt a new energy surge through him. He wasn't just creating noise; he was weaving a story, a song of life and resilience. Soon, the clearing buzzed with activity. Curious zebras peeked from the tall grasses, their hooves tapping in time. Antelopes swayed their heads, and even a majestic lion, drawn by the music, let out a rumbling purr.

Jiko, no longer the hungry hunter, became the heart of the gathering. He learned that his true treasure wasn't a fleeting meal, but the connection he could create through his own unique talent. From that day on, Jiko's drum became a symbol of joy and unity, his music a melody that wove the savanna together under the watchful gaze of the wise baobab tree.

Moral: Greed can blind us to the true potential that lies within.
Sometimes, the greatest treasures are not found, but created.
Our unique talents, when shared with others, can bring joy and connection, weaving a symphony of life that resonates through the world.