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Moral stories

The Jackal and the Drum

The Jackel and the drum

Once upon a time, a cat was wandering in search of food. While wandering, she saw a big drum lying under a tree in a field. The cat thought that there might be some other small animal inside the drum that would make a tasty meal for her. The cat tried to open the drum but it was too tough to tear off. The cat thought of a plan and began to beat the drum with both her front paws. A dog attracted towards the sound, came near it. The cat said to the dog, "Your Majesty, there is some animal hiding inside the drum. Can you tear off the top of the drum and catch the prey?” The dog was himself hungry. So, he hit the top of the drum with his heavy paws. The drum opened, but there was no animal inside. The dog became very angry and said to the cat, "You have wasted my time. There is no food inside the drum. So I will kill and eat you." The dog pounced upon the cat and killed ate her.

MORAL :Greed is always harmful

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