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Moral stories

The Treat

The treat

Once upon a time , a dog invited a pelican over for a teeat at his house. The dog had prepared a variety of dishes forthe pelican. When the pelican arrived at the house of the dog , the dog served the food on a flat plate. The pelican struggled very hard to eat from the plate and gave up trying. He felt insulted and left the house.

Then the pelican thought to teach the dog a leson. The next day, the pelican invited the dog to his house. The dog was served food in a botle. The dog tried its best to eat from the bottle but failed in doing so. The dog felt insulted and said , β€œIs this how you would treat your guest?” the pelican replied, β€œ Was the way correct how you treated me when i came for the dinner at your house?” The dog felt ashamed and apologized from the pelican. Then they both had dinner in their respected plates and enjoyed the dinner.

MORAL :We should treat others how we want them to treat us.