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Moral stories

You Can't Please Everyone

Once in a peaceful village, there lived a wise old man named Rama and his young and his son Shyam. They were known for their hard work and dedication to helping the villagers with various tasks. They had a donkey to help them in their daily chores.

One fine morning, Rama and Shyam set out on a journey to the nearby market to sell some goods. As they walked alongside the dusty road, carrying their load, they encountered a group of villagers who were surprised to see the father and son laboring together.

Rama and Shyam going to the nearby market with their donkey

One of the villagers commented, "Why are both of you walking? You have a donkey, so why not ride it and ease your burden?"

Taking the advice to heart, Rama decided to let Shyam ride the donkey while he walked alongside. They continued on their way until they met another group of villagers.

Upon seeing Shyam riding the donkey, one of the villagers said, "How disrespectful of the son to ride while the father walks! The young should show more consideration and respect for the elderly."

Rama decided to let Shyam ride the donkey while he walked alongside

Feeling the need to uphold traditions and show respect, Shyam offered the donkey to his father, and Rama rode while Shyam walked beside him. However, their journey was far from over, and they encountered yet another group of villagers.

Now, someone in this group criticized, "Look at that selfish father, comfortably riding the donkey while the poor young son walks on foot. This is not fair."

Feeling the weight of the criticism, Rama and Shyam decided to both ride the donkey together. However, as they passed the next group of villagers, they heard murmurs of disapproval.

"Those two are overloading the poor donkey! It's cruel and inhumane," one of them said.

Baffled and frustrated by the constant criticism, Rama and Shyam decided to dismount the donkey and walk alongside it. But even this decision did not escape scrutiny.

"You have a donkey, yet you prefer to walk? How absurd!" said another passerby.

Rama and Shyam were now disheartened and confused. No matter what they did, they couldn't please everyone.

Finally, they realized the valuable lesson behind their experiences. They understood that trying to please everyone was an impossible task. People's opinions would always differ, and no matter what they did, there would be someone who would criticize.

From that day on, Rama and Shyam focused on what they knew was right and acted according to their own judgment, regardless of others' opinions. They learned that they couldn't control what others thought, but they could control their actions and decisions.

Moral:The moral of this story is that it's essential to stay true to ourselves and make decisions based on our own beliefs and values. Trying to please everyone is futile and can lead to confusion and frustration. Instead, focusing on being authentic and making choices that align with our principles will lead to a more fulfilling and contented life.