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Solution to the Acid Rain Problem

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Acid Rain Solution

Acid Rain

Now that you know the horror and harmful effects of acid rain, you may surely want to know how we stop it. In our own small way we all can start to stop this problem. Here are some solution to the acid rain problem.

If the amount of sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides in the air is reduced, then acid rain will be reduced. There are many helpful things that "normal" people can do. First of all, conserve energy and pollute less! Use less electricity; and carpool, use public transportation, or walk when you can. This will help more than one might think. When less energy is used, less coal is burnt, and as a result, there is less acid rain.

Also, if coal was cleaned before it was burnt, the dangerous pollutants that cause acid rain would be cleaned away. If coal is crushed and washed in water, the sulfur washes out. However, this is a very costly method! It is also costly to burn low-sulfur coal (low-sulfur coal gives off less sulfur in the air as opposed to high-sulfur coal).


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