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73 Science projects Ideas for Students - Science Experiments Ideas

Welcome to our treasure trove of Science project ideas and exciting experiments for students! We believe that science is not just a subject to study but a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery. Whether you're a curious young mind or an enthusiastic educator, this collection of projects and experiments is designed to inspire and ignite your passion for scientific inquiry.

Here, you'll find a wide range of hands-on activities that cover various scientific disciplines, from biology and chemistry to physics and environmental science. Each project is carefully curated to be educational, engaging, and, most importantly, fun!

For students seeking inspiration for their school assignments or science fair projects, we offer a plethora of ideas that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These projects will not only deepen your understanding of scientific principles but also empower you to unleash your creativity and think outside the box.

Teachers, too, will discover a wealth of resources to enrich their classroom experiences and make learning science an immersive and enjoyable process. Whether you're looking for demonstrations to captivate your students or interactive experiments to stimulate their curiosity, we have you covered.

So, whether you're a budding scientist or an inquisitive learner, come and explore our collection of Science projects and experiments. Let's embark on a journey of discovery together, where knowledge meets excitement, and learning becomes an unforgettable adventure! Let the scientific exploration begin!

Science Projects for High School

Do you love science experiments? We are here to help you all! Kids of all ages, and especially young kids, will love these cool science projects and science activities that you can do together on the weekend or after school. See more ideas about preschool science, science activities, science for kids. Doing science projects, a great way to make memories with your family. Kids can follow the free list of fun topics and examples, and let the science fun begin!

Science Project - Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Birds are among the easiest animals to spot study. Keep very quiet and still for this project.
Science Project - Feed The Birds

Feed The Birds

Make your own bird cake and build a bird table to study about their food habits.
Science Project - Animal Tracks and Footprints

Animal Tracks and Footprints

Learn a lot about birds and other animals from their tracks and footprints.
Science Project - Getting in Focus

Getting in Focus

Follow some easy steps to make a simple camera with just a few basic pieces of equipment.
Science Project - Insects To Watch

Insects To Watch

Watch the insects to learn about their food habits and preferences.
Science Project - Listen to this

Listen to this

This project is about the existence, strength and pitch of sound waves.
Science Project - Tests with yeast

Tests with yeast

Yeast is a fungus that lives on the skins of many fruits. Know how to find the best condition for it to grow.
Science Project - The Way The Wind Blows

The Way The Wind Blows

Follow some easy steps to get idea about how wind blows.
Science Project - What is Humidity

What is Humidity

Get a idea about what is humidity with this simple project.
Science Project - The Power of Energy

The Power of Energy

Energy is needed to do work, such a making things move. This Projects give you the of the power of energy.
Science Project - Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic Rocks

Guide your children about volcano and volcanic rocks through some easy experiments.
Science Project - Moving Magma

Moving Magma

Follow some easy steps to get idea about moving magma and rising magma.
Science Project - What's a Fossil?

What's a Fossil?

Develop your knowledge about fossil and try an experiment to get your idea how it was formed.
Science Project - Measuring Earthquakes

Measuring Earthquakes

Check out some cool experiments to get your idea how the earthquake is measured.
Science Project - Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion

Get to know about the danger of soil erosion and follow some easy steps to describe it.
Science Project - Make a Rainbow

Make a Rainbow

Make your own Rainbow in the school project and explore the science.
Science Project - Parachutes and Balloons

Parachutes and Balloons

Stimulate your creative mind with this wonderful science project.
Science Project - Natural Water Pumps

Natural Water Pumps

Know the entire process of how tree roots take up water and nutrients from the soil and arrives at the leaves.
Science Project - Moths and Butterflies

Moths and Butterflies

Colorful moths and butterflies in the garden with all the essential components shown in this fastidious project.
Science Project - Model Planes

Model Planes

Learn the wonderful way to launch your small and light-weight plane steadily by throwing it straight ahead.
Science Project - Making Rails

Making Rails

Know the reason behind making strong railway track it thoroughly with this school project.
Science Project - Making Crystals

Making Crystals

Try your patience while making these wonderful crystals.
Science Project - Locomotive


Place a small locomotive which looks marvelous for the precise touch of your little fingers.
Science Project - Levers at Work

Levers at Work

This is a mind blowing way to demonstrate how your little hands and lever can do wonders together.
Science Project - Prototype Car

Prototype Car

Follow the instructions and apply a bit of your own knowledge to the project to drive your very own latest small car.
Science Project - Recording Weather

Recording Weather

What a wonderful way to notice the changing temperature year after year with an easy-to-draw curve!
Science Project - Power and Steering Afloat

Power and Steering Afloat

Use things which are effortlessly found around your own house to make the power boat.
Science Project - Sail Power

Sail Power

Sail through summer with this project of craft boat which actually sails all the way through effortlessly and entertains little kids.
Science Project - Satellites and Orbits

Satellites and Orbits

This tiny formation would be an effective way for all you kids to comprehend and realize how a satellite works in reality.
Science Project - Spinning Planet

Spinning Planet

Night and day
Try this project of the spinning planet which beams with an aptly placed flashlight on the equator.
Science Project - Volcanic Shapes

Volcanic Shapes

Viscosity of each liquid differs. Follow the instructions to test the viscosities of honey and pitcher of dishwashing detergent at home.
Science Project - Tree Study

Tree Study

Study the project to mark the growth of a tree seeing the rings of the wood.
Science Project - Testing for minerals

Testing for minerals

Learn how the acid test demonstrates if a gas is given off by the mineral and the difference between the densities of mineral and water.
Science Project - Submarine action

Submarine action

Isn’t it an awesome sight to look at a floating submarine? Especially, it's a nice feeling when you make a submarine model for yourself.
Science Project - Studying Insect Life

Studying Insect Life

Trap various insects on trees to study the insect life. This project express about how actually you need to achieve your target effortlessly.
Science Project - Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest

Do you own a lovely pet and fancy offering it a safe home? Construct this wooden nest to offer your loving pet a warm shelter.
Science Project - Backyard Rocket Launcher

Backyard Rocket Launcher

Seek your parents' help to launch your own rocket for the first time in your life from your courtyard.
Science Project - How Plants Grow

How Plants Grow?

Know how plants actually grow and if you are interested then read the instructions to test few scientific facts at your home.
Science Project - What is Soil?

What is Soil?

Get your hands dirty while learning scientific facts from the experiments on soil for your school project.
Science Project - Steaming Hot

Steaming Hot

Learn how to make a geyser, the most impressive geothermal feature, using air pressure to force out water.
Science Project - Changing Gears

Changing Gears

Before you own a car get a scrupulous knowledge about the operational principle of changing gears of a car through this school project.
Science Project - Computer Data Storage

Computer Data Storage

Learn to make hard disk at home through a colorful representation with some household things.
Science Project - Electric Magnets

Electric Magnets

Tease your brain while making a circuit putting some extra efforts. Attach switch and electromagnet for a working circuit.
Science Project - Growing Form Fruits

Growing Form Fruits

Have you noticed the seeds of some fruits, hidden inside? Try some of them after reading the instructions.
Science Project - How Ships Floats

How Ships Floats

Upthrust of water has to be enough to push a floating object upward. Get some valuable information on how this theory works actually.
Science Project - How Telescopes Work

How Telescopes Work

This school project which demonstrates the working principle of the wondrous telescopes.
Science Project - Insects in Disguise

Insects in Disguise

Love for the colorful insects is not new to the kids. Get into the page to conduct few easy to do experiments with insects.
Science Project - Forest Depletion

Forest Depletion

The entire ecosystem is an integral part of the society as we all are. Know the related aspects of the ecosystem right from the beginning.
Science Project - Phases of Moon

Phases of Moon

Moon is far away from our reach. Make a lovely moon of your own to play with and see its actual function.
Science Project - How Magnets Work

How Magnets Work

Get creative and try this at home to be familiar with the strength and power of the magnet.
Science Project - Floating & Sinking

Floating & Sinking

Watch how items dance while floating and sinking just like your fluctuating moods.
Science Project - Bottled Sky

Bottled Sky

Create your own sky and get to know the reason why the color of the sky is blue.
Science Project - Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue?

Create your own sky and get to know the reason why the color of the sky is blue.
Science Project - Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Let your imagination fly with this Hot Air Balloon. Make this school project really exciting by making a Hot Air Balloon.
Science Project - Butterfly Growth and Temperature

Butterfly Growth and Temperature

This school projects helps you all to notice and record the growth rate of caterpillars.
Science Project - Effect of Light on Seeds

Effect of Light on Seeds

Now, it’s not a bad idea to do an experiment on the effects of light on the seeds.
Science Project - How do Solar Cells Work

How do Solar Cells Work

If you don’t yet know how solar cells exactly works, then here is your chance to be acquainted with it by yourself.
Science Project - Seeds and Plant Life

Seeds and Plant Life

Learn about seeds and plant’s life with some wonderful ways.
Science Project - Static Electricity

Static Electricity

How the static electricity actually works? Do this project wisely to get an idea about it.
Science Project - Powerful Levers

Powerful Levers

Lift your children along with their spirit by the lever. Try it out at home for your own entertainment.
Science Project - Looking at Bark

Looking at Bark

Barks of the trees differ according to the age and the species they belong to. An experiment on this, would certainly feed your little brain.
Science Project - Jet Propulsion

Jet Propulsion

Gain knowledge of how a simple working process can lead to a gigantic construction of a roaring Jet.
Science Project - Viking Longship

Viking Longship

The technical and artistic achievement of the Vikings was the Longship. Make a miniature version of the old longship for home decoration.
Science Project - Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection

Get astonished at the end when you find your heavy books contain a huge collection of leaves with apt levels.
Science Project - The Balance of Life

The Balance of Life

Observe that the miniature fresh water ecosystem that you have made as a school project works as nicely as you would have liked it to.
Science Project - Watching a Caterpillar Grow

Watching a Caterpillar Grow

Watch the growth of a caterpillar in its own home which you have crafted for it.
Science Project - Changing Coastline

Changing Coastline

Get to know how blue waves on the sea shore take the sands away with it. Know about how the Sea ripples are formed.
Science Project - Energy From Liquid And Air

Energy From Liquid And Air

Are you aware about the principles on how a hydraulic machine or an air pump works? If not, check this out.
Science Project - Images From Light

Images From Light

A lovely demonstration is there on the page for your astonishment. See how rows of beaming dots of red, green and blue colors.
Science Project - Tides


Both of these exactly opposite experiments let you know how ocean water rises and falls without any change in the amount of Sea water.
Science Project - Foaming Bottle Model

Foaming Bottle Model

Aren’t you interested to know what happens when a gas moves from a high pressure region to low pressure zone?
Science Project - Erupting Volcano

Erupting Volcano

Discover and explore the science behind an erupting volcano. Create a scary volcano in your school project.
Science Project - Development of a seed

Development of a seed

Mark the development of a tree and notice how it actually happens by working on this project.

Science Projects for Kids